That Time We Biked 100 Miles

IMG_4696Memorial Day Weekend was fast approaching and we didn’t have any plans. We were looking into camping, but since it was so late in the game all of the nearby campsites were already reserved. Then, we both had the idea to go on a bike trip along the C&O Canal Trail! We spent the week making frequent trips to REI to gather everything we needed including racks, panniers, and of course padded shorts. We started our journey in Hancock, MD, with a goal of 40 miles each day.IMG_4710Lemme tell you, this was the first time I’ve ever ridden more than 6 miles and oo baby was I feeling it. At one point I didn’t think I was going to make it to our campsite. Luckily the C&O Canal Trail has sites around every 4 miles, so you can make it to one when you’re dying. Each site had a water pump and a portapotty too! This picture shows how happy I was to finally be off the bike and at my destination! Our meal of hotdogs, baked beans, and wine was just what the doctor ordered.IMG_4712The next AM my legs were soreeeee and I was scared I wouldn’t make it a full 40 miles and we wouldn’t make it back to our car in time. We ended up riding 30ish miles and visited a nearby town for lunch before returning to another campsite.IMG_4793 Words can’t describe how happy we were to make it back to the car after a 100 mile weekend of biking and camping! I think we were most excited about putting on the clean set of clothes we stashed in the car.IMG_4800Right after this picture we sped to the gas station and had the most delicious king size Reese’s Nutrageous bar. We deserved it. As exhausting as this trip was, it was so much fun! The trail was essentially flat the entire way and we even saw a few snakes. Definitely a good lil last minute weekend trip!

D.C. Cherry Blossom Kayak Tour

IMG_4325I’ve been MIA for months, but better late than never! Since moving to the D.C. area, I’ve been dyinggg to romp around the cherry blossoms! This past April we beat the crowds and decided to see the cherry blossoms from the water. It was the best day ever! We left from the Key Bridge Boathouse in Gerogetown and within minutes we were paddling alongside the Lincoln Memorial.IMG_4229  Seeing the cherry blossoms from the water is definitely the way to go! As we were paddling we saw tons and tons of cars in standstill traffic and hoards of people just trying to make their way to see them. We were just happily paddling along enjoying the view.

IMG_4233IMG_4247 I took about 24038420 different pictures of the blossoms, but I’ll spare you.
IMG_4255IMG_4293 All in all the tour took about three hours and boy were my arms tired! I thought I was going to have to be towed back to shore haha. but really. Start training now.


Handmade Dining Table

Here’s the story about how my two favorite guys hand made every.single.thing about this table.ImageWhen we found out that we were going to be moving in a week to a new, empty apartment we realized we needed to get serious about some furniture FAST. And that’s easier said than done when you’re an extremely picky design conscious commitment-phobe cheapskate. Cue A Beautiful Mess to the rescue. saw how simple it was to make your own dining table from thanks to their DIY Honeycomb Table and thankfully Steve jumped on board to make one for us! He spent the week before we moved in cutting, sanding, and staining our hexagon table top per the ABM instructions and it turned out amazinggggg. Since we didn’t have legs for it yet, it served as a our coffee table on top of some Ikea boxes for the first month we lived here.ImageImageWe considered buying some hairpin legs for the base, but decided to hold out and survive without a dining until my dad could make us some. You see, my dad is a blacksmith artist in SC and his best friend is a glass blower. They came together to make the most beautiful legs for the hexagon table top! I am SO SO SO SO happy we waited until I could get back to SC to pick them up. The glass leaves twinkle in the sunshine and tie our Target chairs in perfectly. I am in loveeeee with this table and have been caught staring at it from time to time. Our little apartment is really coming together!! Just gotta start hanging some things on the walls now…

Weekend Wrap-up

ImageThe weather was amazinggggg Saturday so we decided to check out the Falls Church Farmer’s Market which is only a five minute walk from our new apartment. Since the weather has been crazy the past couple months I didn’t expect to see that many vendors, but boy was I wrong! SO many fresh veggies, baked goods, meats, and flowers. ImageClearly our favorite vendor was Mama’s Donut Bites. These little guys fell straight from the fryer into a tub of cinnamon sugar. Dee.lish.ous. It’s going to take some serious self control to not demolish a dozen every single weekend. ImageAnywho we took a nice walk on the W&OD trail to and picked out about 2348023 dream houses before scoping out the antique stores for some chatchskis. This guy would only set you back $1500. Cool but not that cool.

I’m sooo glad we spent so much time outside yesterday because it JUST started snowing. I could cry. When is spring finally going to stick around???? St. Patty’s in the snow is absolutely NOT okay. 

Home Finds: Elephant Planter

Image Steve, Greg, and I just moved into an apartment in Falls Church, VA! I love it sooo much! I was so excited to be able to decorate the space with things I actually like instead of random hand me downs. We have most of our big furniture so now it’s all about finding cute little things to make it home….like this elephant planter! There are a couple antique stores within walking distance to our new place with so many great treasures and I had to have this little guy. He’s the cutesttttt! We have HUGE windows and the best sunlight in our apt so I think these little succulents that our friend Chelsea grew will do amazingly in my new elephant! Hopefully my not so green thumb doesn’t screw it up. I really want to bring in more greenery to our space. Do you have any favorite indoor plants?


To Be Continued: Craft Station


Steve and I decided to go thrifting this weekend and explore some stores we haven’t been to before. The shop didn’t look promising from the outside, but ooo baby were there some gems once we got inside. I saw this vintage Sears Sewing Machine Table and it was screaming “Make me into your craft station pleaseeeeeee!!!!!!” After I double checked that the price tag actually said $29, the table was mine! The wood is in great condition and the top folds out so I can spread out when I need to. It also has the cutest little drawers, including one that is for spools of thread. I can’t wait to line them with fun paper and organize all of my paints, glitter, and supplies. Right now I’m thinking I’m going to try to refinish it and stain it a darker color. I’ve never tried to restore wood before to it’s original glory and I’m nervous! I guess worse comes to worst I can always paint it like I did my other favorite antique table a few months ago.

Does anyone have any tips on staining a piece of furniture?!? Or color/stain suggestions?!?


Succulent Planter

ImageMy favorite day of the week is here…HAPPY CRAFTURDAYYYY! It’s too cold to do anything outside this time of year, so Saturdays have turned into the day where we complete fun little projects. Steve and his brother, Doug, are attempting to make beer caddies out of wood (more on that later) so we went to Home Depot to gather supplies. As I was waiting on them to check out I saw the cutesttttt succulents and had to buy one. Image Gold spray paint never does me wrong so I used it to fancy up a soup can to use as my succulent planter. I also sealed off a tree round and placed my shiny succulent on it for a sort of rustic chic inspired arrangement. I’m thinking I’ll put this on my desk at work to bring in some life and cheer me up during the long days. Now I want to make a bigger arrangement for the house. Eeeek. If you give a mouse a cookie…..

DIY Valentine’s Day: Knitted Heart Mug Cozy

ImageWhile I was home for Christmas my mom taught me how to make the cutestttt Knitted Heart Mug Cozies! For me, knitting is like riding a bike. I won’t pick up knitting needles in a year but for some reason my hands quickly remember(and if they don’t, youtube is the best). This pattern is great for beginner knitters and best of all, only takes an hour to complete. Instant craftification! All you need are two different colored skeins of yarn, knitting needles (I used size 15), and a toggle.ImageKnitted Heart Mug Cozy Pattern

  • Cast on 21 stitches in your background color
  • Row 1: knit
  • Row 2: purl 10 stitches, tie on heart color, purl 1 stitch in heart color, purl 10 in background color
  • Row 3: knit 9 in background color, knit 3 in heart color, knit 9 in background color
  • Row 4: purl 8 in background color, purl 5 in heart color, purl 8 in background color
  • Row 5: knit 7 in background color, knit 7 in heart color, knit 7 in background color
  • Row 6: purl 7 in background color, purl 7 in heart color, purl 7 in background color
  • Row 7: knit 8 in background color, knit 2 in heart color, knit 1 in background color, knit 2 in heart color, knit 8 in background color
  • Row 8: purl all 21 stitches in background color. Cut and tie off heart color
  • Cast off and fasten your toggle or button to the side. Weave in the loose ends of the yarn with a tapestry needle.

(Sorry I can’t give credit where it’s due. I’m not sure where my mom found this pattern.)

ImageYour knitted heart mug cozy will snuggle up perfectly around a Starbucks cup or a regular sized mug. The looser you knit, the bigger they will be. These are the perfect DIY Valentine’s Day gift for your friends and family. They’re SO fun and SO simple to make, but you don’t have to let your gift recipients know that. Let them bask in your craftiness and think you slaved for days knitting their heart mug cozy. ImageSpeaking of gift ideas, if you need a non DIY gift for someone special check out the Poler Napsack. It’s a sleeping bag that you can wear! Steve and I accidentally gave each other the EXACT same one for Christmas. Great minds think alike. Anywho I’m obsessed with mine and wear it around the house now that it’s subarctic temps outside. I can’t wait to use it camping in the summer! Poler Stuff is one of my favorite companies and they have so many awesome things for the outdoor lover in your life.

Let me know how your mug cozies turn out! I’ll be curled up in my napsack with mine all day today…

Ribbon Camera Strap

ImageEver since I got my DSLR camera for my birthday last April, I’ve been droolinggg over the adorable camera straps on Etsy. As cute as they are, I haven’t been able to justify spending $35 on a camera strap. I don’t know what’s taken me so long to think of it, but Friday while daydreaming at work I decided to attempt to make my own. It couldn’t be that hard, right??ImageI found lots of good tutorials online for making your own camera straps and strap covers, but I’ve never used a sewing machine before and was pretty intimidated by them. While at Michael’s this weekend I peeped at the ribbon section to see if they had any cute ones that I could possibly use in my strap quest. I grabbed a chevrony ribbon for $5 and headed home. The ribbon ended up being exactly the width of my camera strap so I decided to cut out making a strap cover and try just sewing it to my existing Canon strap. After watching a YouTube vid on Singer sewing machines, I hemmed both ends of my ribbon, aligned it with the end of my Canon strap, and sewed the length of it on both sides. ImageMy DIY ribbon camera strap is the cutest! It was super easy to do (if you know anything about sewing machines, it’ll take you half the time it did me) and cost me wayyyy less than the ones on Etsy. Not mention the fact that it matches my new Jo Totes camera bag I got for Christmas! I can’t wait to wear my new ribbon camera strap out and about. If you’re still using the strap that came with your camera, take 15 minutes and a couple dollars to sass it up. You’ll be happy you did!Image

Great Day for Great Falls

ImageThe first day of Winter gave us a high of a 70 degrees so Greg and I decided to have a picnic and explore the trails at Great Falls Park in McLean, VA. A lot of other people seemed to have had the same idea as us, but the park is so large it didn’t matter. There’s no shortage of picnic tables and grills for your enjoyment, but keep in mind that you do have to pack your trash out. After a trip back to the car to drop our picnic remnants off, we headed out along the trail to see the water. ImageGreat Falls is perfect for the day where you want to get outside and enjoy nature, but don’t want to work too hard. The trails are exactly the opposite of strenuous. Everything is clearly marked and there are tons of overlooks to see the rushing water. Some overly ambitious people were kayaking, rock climbing, and even stand up paddle boarding. We chose to have a photo shoot instead.ImageImage All in all, it was a great day for Great Falls! Now if only this beautiful weather would stay…