Thrift Shop Print Upgrade


I often get lost in A Beautiful Mess and recently found a DIY using a thrift store print that seemed SO fun and SO easy, and Spoiler Alert: It was! The Goodwill I went to didn’t have a wide variety of artwork, but I ended up finding this print with a great frame, pretty colors, and a good price. It was only $2.50! Image

Clean off your thrift store gem and place vinyl letter stickers in a phrase or song lyric you love. I finally found my vinyl letters at Office Max after striking out at Michael’s and Lowe’s.


Carefully peel and stick your letters onto your print. Because my print was small and my letters large, I needed a short and simple phrase.


Take your print outside and spray paint the entire thing white.


Mine needed 3 coats.


The worst part was having to wait until it dried to peel off the letters. Such suspense! I sprayed the finished product with a glossy sealer.


I popped it back into it’s frame and put it on my bedside table. It looks soooo cuteeees. Definitely be sure to pick a painting with a lot of color, and a phrase that will take up a good portion of the canvas. If you can think of a color besides white that will match all of the colors in your painting and still allow them to stand out, by all means go for it!


Garden Fresh Tomato Sauce

ImageMy dad’s garden has been producing approximately a billion tomatoes a day and I needed a way to use as many as possible, aside from a tomato riot in the streets. This was my first time making a pasta sauce from scratch using real tomatoes and it was surprisingly very easy!

ImageAfter you give your tomatoes (we had about 17 that day) a nice bath, you need to blanch them to make them easier to peel. I submerged three tomatoes at a time in boiling water for exactly 1 minute before putting them in a bath of ice water to cool them back down. ImageAfter you blanch all of your tomatoes, peel the skins off of them. It will start to get REALLY messy because you want to remove as much of the seeds and juice from the tomatoes as possible. I cut mine in half and used a spoon to scoop out the seeds and pockets of liquid.

ImagePut your seedless, juiceless, skinless tomatoes into a large pot on medium heat.ImageI chopped half of a green pepper I picked in the garden that day along with half of a yellow onion and almost an entire head of garlic. You can use whatever veggies you love most or have in your fridge. I sauteed them together while the tomatoes were hanging out in their pot.

ImageAdd your cooked veggies to the tomatoes. I also added a couple handfulls of fresh basil. At this point you can add as much or as little salt, pepper, crushed red pepper, italian seasoning as you would like! I don’t like a chunky sauce so I mashed the tomatoes with a wooden spoon, put the lid on, and went to the couch to watch an episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County. ImageDuring a commercial break I checked my sauce, and it looked like this. I mashed at the tomatoes some more, stirred the pot, put the lid on, and went back to my show. ImageOnce my show was over, the sauce looked good and smelled even better. I added one can of tomato paste to thicken it up. After a last second taste test, It was ready to be eaten!ImageMan oh man was it delicious! It tasted SO fresh and healthy. Definitely add another can of tomato paste if you like your sauce to cling to your pasta. I was kind of shocked at how little sauce 17 tomatoes produces. I thought I was going to be eating this batch of sauce for weeks! Thank G there’s another billion tomatoes to be picked tomorrow…THAT’S AMORE!