Thrift Shop Print Upgrade


I often get lost in A Beautiful Mess and recently found a DIY using a thrift store print that seemed SO fun and SO easy, and Spoiler Alert: It was! The Goodwill I went to didn’t have a wide variety of artwork, but I ended up finding this print with a great frame, pretty colors, and a good price. It was only $2.50! Image

Clean off your thrift store gem and place vinyl letter stickers in a phrase or song lyric you love. I finally found my vinyl letters at Office Max after striking out at Michael’s and Lowe’s.


Carefully peel and stick your letters onto your print. Because my print was small and my letters large, I needed a short and simple phrase.


Take your print outside and spray paint the entire thing white.


Mine needed 3 coats.


The worst part was having to wait until it dried to peel off the letters. Such suspense! I sprayed the finished product with a glossy sealer.


I popped it back into it’s frame and put it on my bedside table. It looks soooo cuteeees. Definitely be sure to pick a painting with a lot of color, and a phrase that will take up a good portion of the canvas. If you can think of a color besides white that will match all of the colors in your painting and still allow them to stand out, by all means go for it!


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