5 Minute Glitter Cards

ImageI absolutely LOVE cards. As nice as it is that we can communicate with each other in an instant, it’s even better when someone takes the time to send you a note in the mail. My etsy favorite’s list is basically entirely filled with sassy, adorable, and sweet lil cards. Sometimes I don’t want to pay $6 for a card, then wait a week for it to ship to me, and lawd knows Hallmark doesn’t have what I want, so I end up making cards myself. Today I looked in my craft bin and saw that I had tons of card stock and glitter and decided to try and make some sparkly fun cards! The only supplies you need are colored card stock, glitter, rubber cement, and scissors.

ImageFirst you need to cut your cards out of your card stock. I have an old card that I like the size of that I usually just trace. If you’re feeling sassy you can use decorative scissors to edge your card or even make a liner in a different color.

ImageNow you just need to paint your rubber cement on the card in the shapes you want your glitter to be! It’s hard to get very detailed with the gloopy rubber cement so triangles, circles, and stripes work well.ImageJust pour your glitter onto the glue and shake the excess off. I made my cards outside on the deck to avoid too much glitter clean up.ImageIt’s so easy and quick to make just one card, that you should probably make a few more while you’re at it.ImageLook how cute! In only 5 minutes you’ll be able to send some sparkle to someone you care about!

Old Chair, New Trick

ImageAfter moving all of my stuff out of my apartment in Clemson and into my dad’s house, I came across an old chair that my aunt had given me a few years ago. It was one of those pieces that I intended to make over, but then ya know life got in the way.

ImageHere it is before: just your typical old wooden chair with no real finish on it

ImageI just spray painted the chair with a 2 in 1 primer and color from Lowe’s.

ImageThe final product! A pop of color really transformed the dull, old chair into a fun piece for our entry way.

Grab a can of spray paint and give some new life to an old piece of furniture that’s taking up space in your attic!

Saturday in Georgetown

ImageOne Saturday Steve and I walked from his brother’s house in Clarendon all the way to Georgetown. It took longer than expected to reach our destination, but we came across an explosion of yarn bombs as we were walking through Rosslyn, VA!ImageAt least half a dozen trees were COVERED in yarn. It was so bright and cheery!ImageEven the street lights were yarn bombed! I can’t imagine how many people came together to create all of it. I mean I’ve been knitting the same pair of socks since 2010.ImageWe eventually made it to Georgetown and shopped in all of the humongous and beautiful stores! Aside from the three story Anthro, my favorite store was Paper Source. They had the prettiiieeessstttt paper goods and all sorts of cute ways to keep your life organized. There were TONS of people everywhere and I had to lol at the line wrapped around the building for Georgetown Cupcakes. Seriously people, why wait in line outside in the rain for an hour for a cupcake!?!? Smh. ImageWe rested our Kim K feet (achey and swollen like 7 mo preggers Kim Kardashian in 5 inch heels) down by the water and took some glamor shots.ImageWe had a cheeseburger snack (I’m telling you, we walked A LOT) at Good Stuff Eatery, Chef Spike from Top Chef’s awesome burger/fry/shake joint. It was delicious and just the fuel we needed to make the trek back to Clarendon. Let’s just pretend we didn’t have pasta in vodka sauce immediately when we got home…

To Be Continued: Necklace Holder

ImageI am SO excited about my weekend Anthro purchases! I’ve been dying to make something to display my necklaces (and declutter my dresser) using different knobs from Anthropologie.ImageAlthough veryyyyy cute, $10 a knob is wayyy more than I wanted to pay for this project. Last week I was online window shopping and saw they had some adorable knobs on sale….for $2.95!!! Check out the sale! Meeep!! I happened to go to the Anthro in Greenville, SC this weekend and they had my knobs in their sale room! AKA I didn’t have to pay for shipping! At $14 I splurged on the full price H hanger, but I think it’s worth it.ImageI had originally wanted glass knobs, but I think these cute coral shaped ones will work better for hanging my bejewels! Since they’re metal I can also paint them another color down the road as my decor changes!

Now I’m on the search for old wood to mount them on. Any ideas? Where’s the best place to find inexpensive barn wood, driftwood, reclaimed lumber in a suburban area??

ps go shop the Anthro sale NOW for future craft projects!

An Evening in Alexandria


The past couple weeks I was in Northern Virginia visiting my boyfriend, Steve, and having the bestttt time. I mean if all I’m doing at home in Lexington, SC, is job searching (hiremeplz), refreshing instagram, eating, and sleeping, I might as well do that in the same place as my most favorite person! Anywho we went to Alexandria, VA, one evening when the weather was per.fect.

ImageBefore dinner, we walked along the water and checked out all of the boats!




We ate dinner at Chart House and were lucky enough to have a seat outside at one of the little umbrella tables you see above. At nice restaurants I almost ALWAYS order a pork chop, and I’m almost always in tears at how delicious it is. This night was no exception. The pork chop was roughly the size of my face and breaded in some herbed flakes of heaven. It was paired with delicious mashed potatoes and asparagus. I so wish that I had taken a picture of it! I still feel awkward whipping out my T3i in restaurants to snap a picture of my dinner. Aaannddd it looked so amazing I had to immediately dig right in. Somehow I managed to spare one bite for Steve to try before gaining membership in the Clean Plate Club. ImageAfter dinner we walked through the downtown area and found room for some Ben and Jerry’s Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz. It is a very historic area so everything is reallyyyy cute aannnddd there are cobblestone streets aka don’t wear heels unless you’re a pro.

Welp, it was a wonderful summer night followed by a wonderful food coma.