Easy Ikat Tray

ImageI had been trying to think of a project to use my leftover paint from refurbishing my table when A Beautiful Mess came to the rescue per usual with their simple instructions on how to make your own abstract painting. I have about zero skills when it comes to painting anything other than a solid color (seriously I would lose a 4th grade art competition), but the post made it seem so easy that even I could do it!ImageI thought it would be fun to try out the method on a wooden tray that I had gotten at the thrift store a couple months ago. I painted the tray with a zillion coats of White Asparagus and stuffed my face with some pasta while it dried. Take your main color, mine was Blaze Orange, and paint a long strip in each spot where you want your Ikat inspired shape. Next paint shorter strips in descending lengths off of your main strip. ImageChoose a complimentary color and repeat the same descending length strip process as before. You will definitely want to let several overlap on the edge. Mix some white into your colors to create a lighter shade and paint essentially fat plus signs on top of the Ikat shapes you already have. Pick at least two other colors to help fill in the white space. I just started painting  plus signs in navy and then went in and painted smaller ones in a light tan. Then all you have to do is paint the edges of your tray in your main color and spray it with a sealer and voila! You just painted your very own Ikat inspired tray! Told you it was easy!ImageIf my Ikat tray turned out this well, I know yours will be ahhhmazzinggg! Such a bright, fun piece that will add some sass to any table while acting as a breakfast in bed enabler…

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