Mirror Makeover


My mom got this mirror on sale at TJ Maxx when I was about to move into my first apartment but let’s be honest, I haven’t had the need for hot pink decor since I was 12 and the theme of my room was Flamingo.  It’s been sitting in the garage collecting dust for 3 years now and I decided it was time for a makeover.

ImageImageI loved the shape of the mirror but thought some texture would make it a little more snazzy. I added spirals all over using puffy paint all while crossing my fingers hoping that it would turn out.ImageAfter the puffy paint was dry, I just spray painted the mirror gold. Image The puffy paint really transformed the mirror and added just the right about of texture and sass! Mirror Makeover success! I’m now dying to use my leftover puffy paint and gold spray paint to try this technique on wine bottles, empty jars etc for some cute vases!

7 thoughts on “Mirror Makeover

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