Big Things Poppin

Hiiiiiiiiiiiii! Remember me, Healz?! Probs not. I haven’t been on here in That’s because these past couple months have been filled with SO many big moves. I don’t even know where to begin…jk I do!Image1. THE JOB SEARCH IS OVER. I got an amazinggg offer to work for a small government contracting company in Arlington, VA, as a Business Development Associate!!!!!!!! Image2.I BOUGHT A CAR. The day after I accepted my job offer, I traded in my not so trusty 1996 BMW 328is for something from this century that could actually get me to said new job. That day I simultaneously felt the richest and poorest I’ve ever been in my life.Image3. I MOVED TO VIRGINIA….just in time to see the leaves change. I loaded up my new car and headed to Reston,VA, to take up residence in Steve’s mom’s basement. There are 4 of us recent Clemson grads staying in her house til we can find something of our own. She’s a saint for putting up with all of our shenanigans.

Welp that’s about it. I think that’s enough change for one season. I’m hoping that once I get settled I’ll be able to craft/blog  much more than I am now.


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