DIY Holiday Photo Booth

ImageSoon after I started my new job I was able to jump in on the planning of our annual Holiday Party! They like to stick with the tradition of having it at a suite in the Verizon Center every year, but I immediately wanted to spice it up with a DIY Photo Booth. I don’t want to brag, but it might have been the hit of the party. Teehee. ImageTo make your own Holiday Photo Booth you basically only need wrapping paper, a camera, and festive props (a little wine couldn’t hurt either). Before the party started, I taped my peppermint wrapping paper to the wall in a little corner of our suite. One of my favorite party crafts is making a glitter banner, so of course I made one that said “Happy Holidays” for the back drop. To make the glitter banner all you need to do is write your message on poster board, cut it out, mod podge the letters, and shake some glitter on them. For props we had santa hats, reindeer antlers, elf hats, red and white glasses, a mistletoe ball, and a mini chalk board for people to write their own message. The favorite prop though seemed to be the silver tinsel garland that I got on amazon. All of the props and back drop cost less than $50 total. I’m sure you have some great things in your holiday decorations box that you could use for free!  ImageI set my camera up with an external flash on a tripod and intended for people to use a wireless remote to take their own photos. For some reason they couldn’t figure out how to press the only button for it to work so I monitored the booth the majority of the time. Which was fine by me, I got to see all of the photos happening in real life. Even our executive team couldn’t resist dressing up and posing in my DIY Photo Booth complete with kissy faces and a YOLO chalkboard. It was too much to handle in the best way possible. Immediately after the party we went home and had a huge slideshow of all of the pictures on the tv and laughedddd some more.

When celebrating with your friends and families this holiday season I hope you choose to make your own photo booth so that you can remember the most wonderful time of the year for years to come!

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