Succulent Planter

ImageMy favorite day of the week is here…HAPPY CRAFTURDAYYYY! It’s too cold to do anything outside this time of year, so Saturdays have turned into the day where we complete fun little projects. Steve and his brother, Doug, are attempting to make beer caddies out of wood (more on that later) so we went to Home Depot to gather supplies. As I was waiting on them to check out I saw the cutesttttt succulents and had to buy one. Image Gold spray paint never does me wrong so I used it to fancy up a soup can to use as my succulent planter. I also sealed off a tree round and placed my shiny succulent on it for a sort of rustic chic inspired arrangement. I’m thinking I’ll put this on my desk at work to bring in some life and cheer me up during the long days. Now I want to make a bigger arrangement for the house. Eeeek. If you give a mouse a cookie…..

6 thoughts on “Succulent Planter

  1. Oh my. This is perfect! I love succulents….and when I discovered that they need basically no care, I loved them even more. Thinking about lining my windowsill with some of these guys! You did a great job 🙂

  2. This is fantastic ! The succulent is such a cool color too. I was just thinking sbout trying Home Depot for some little colored cactus plants– I’ll have to check out the succulents there too. Very cute idea with the spray paint 🙂

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