Handmade Dining Table

Here’s the story about how my two favorite guys hand made every.single.thing about this table.ImageWhen we found out that we were going to be moving in a week to a new, empty apartment we realized we needed to get serious about some furniture FAST. And that’s easier said than done when you’re an extremely picky design conscious commitment-phobe cheapskate. Cue A Beautiful Mess to the rescue. saw how simple it was to make your own dining table from thanks to their DIY Honeycomb Table and thankfully Steve jumped on board to make one for us! He spent the week before we moved in cutting, sanding, and staining our hexagon table top per the ABM instructions and it turned out amazinggggg. Since we didn’t have legs for it yet, it served as a our coffee table on top of some Ikea boxes for the first month we lived here.ImageImageWe considered buying some hairpin legs for the base, but decided to hold out and survive without a dining until my dad could make us some. You see, my dad is a blacksmith artist in SC and his best friend is a glass blower. They came together to make the most beautiful legs for the hexagon table top! I am SO SO SO SO happy we waited until I could get back to SC to pick them up. The glass leaves twinkle in the sunshine and tie our Target chairs in perfectly. I am in loveeeee with this table and have been caught staring at it from time to time. Our little apartment is really coming together!! Just gotta start hanging some things on the walls now…

Weekend Wrap-up

ImageThe weather was amazinggggg Saturday so we decided to check out the Falls Church Farmer’s Market which is only a five minute walk from our new apartment. Since the weather has been crazy the past couple months I didn’t expect to see that many vendors, but boy was I wrong! SO many fresh veggies, baked goods, meats, and flowers. ImageClearly our favorite vendor was Mama’s Donut Bites. These little guys fell straight from the fryer into a tub of cinnamon sugar. Dee.lish.ous. It’s going to take some serious self control to not demolish a dozen every single weekend. ImageAnywho we took a nice walk on the W&OD trail to and picked out about 2348023 dream houses before scoping out the antique stores for some chatchskis. This guy would only set you back $1500. Cool but not that cool.

I’m sooo glad we spent so much time outside yesterday because it JUST started snowing. I could cry. When is spring finally going to stick around???? St. Patty’s in the snow is absolutely NOT okay. 

Home Finds: Elephant Planter

Image Steve, Greg, and I just moved into an apartment in Falls Church, VA! I love it sooo much! I was so excited to be able to decorate the space with things I actually like instead of random hand me downs. We have most of our big furniture so now it’s all about finding cute little things to make it home….like this elephant planter! There are a couple antique stores within walking distance to our new place with so many great treasures and I had to have this little guy. He’s the cutesttttt! We have HUGE windows and the best sunlight in our apt so I think these little succulents that our friend Chelsea grew will do amazingly in my new elephant! Hopefully my not so green thumb doesn’t screw it up. I really want to bring in more greenery to our space. Do you have any favorite indoor plants?


Big Things Poppin

Hiiiiiiiiiiiii! Remember me, Healz?! Probs not. I haven’t been on here in for.ev.er. That’s because these past couple months have been filled with SO many big moves. I don’t even know where to begin…jk I do!Image1. THE JOB SEARCH IS OVER. I got an amazinggg offer to work for a small government contracting company in Arlington, VA, as a Business Development Associate!!!!!!!! Image2.I BOUGHT A CAR. The day after I accepted my job offer, I traded in my not so trusty 1996 BMW 328is for something from this century that could actually get me to said new job. That day I simultaneously felt the richest and poorest I’ve ever been in my life.Image3. I MOVED TO VIRGINIA….just in time to see the leaves change. I loaded up my new car and headed to Reston,VA, to take up residence in Steve’s mom’s basement. There are 4 of us recent Clemson grads staying in her house til we can find something of our own. She’s a saint for putting up with all of our shenanigans.

Welp that’s about it. I think that’s enough change for one season. I’m hoping that once I get settled I’ll be able to craft/blog  much more than I am now.