Anthropologie Knob Necklace Holder

ImageAs my collection of sassy necklaces has grown thanks to Target summer sales, I’ve been dyyyinggg to make a necklace holder using knobs from Anthropologie to display them. I found the perfect knobs last month at the Greenville, SC, Anthro on sale of course (You can read more about my love affair with them here) and was super excited to make my necklace holder. The only problem was that I didn’t have a super cool old board to mount them on, and I didn’t know where I was going to find one. My mom found out about a place called Peach Festival Gardens in Gilbert, SC, where they have tons of old windows, doors, signs, and other funky finds. I ended up finding my board half covered in sand, hiding behind a tent they have set up to protect the prized goods. The guy laughed when I wanted to buy it and let me have it and an old wooden tray for $5. Cha Chinggg! Who’s laughin now!?!ImageMy piece of sandy wood cleaned up very well and my best guess is that it’s a rectangular panel from an old door. Thank g my dad is a blacksmith artist, has all the tools in the world, and was able to drill 6 holes for me.ImageI wanted to do something to the wood so it didn’t look like I had a dusty old board hanging on my wall, but at the same time wanted to maintain the integrity of it. I painted on two coats of polyurethane semi-gloss and it turned out perfectly!Image After it dried I simply screwed my knobs in and put little hangers on the back of it. Well maybe I couldn’t wait until it dried…eeeek instant gratification plzzz!ImageImageImageAll of my necklace holder dreams came true! I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. My bejewels are on display instead of hanging out in a pile on my dresser and the final product looks really polished. If you have a big bathroom it would be fun to hang your necklace holder in there and use the middle hook as hand towel holder. Until I move on up in the world, mine’s going to be hanging pretty on my bedroom wall.

I think it’s only fair that I get a new necklace for a job well done, right!?

To Be Continued: Necklace Holder

ImageI am SO excited about my weekend Anthro purchases! I’ve been dying to make something to display my necklaces (and declutter my dresser) using different knobs from Anthropologie.ImageAlthough veryyyyy cute, $10 a knob is wayyy more than I wanted to pay for this project. Last week I was online window shopping and saw they had some adorable knobs on sale….for $2.95!!! Check out the sale! Meeep!! I happened to go to the Anthro in Greenville, SC this weekend and they had my knobs in their sale room! AKA I didn’t have to pay for shipping! At $14 I splurged on the full price H hanger, but I think it’s worth it.ImageI had originally wanted glass knobs, but I think these cute coral shaped ones will work better for hanging my bejewels! Since they’re metal I can also paint them another color down the road as my decor changes!

Now I’m on the search for old wood to mount them on. Any ideas? Where’s the best place to find inexpensive barn wood, driftwood, reclaimed lumber in a suburban area??

ps go shop the Anthro sale NOW for future craft projects!