My Go To Veggie Stir Fry

ImageThis Veggie Stir Fry became my ultimate go-to meal while at Clemson. Monday would roll around and I would realize all weekend I’ve only eaten fried pickles, chicken tenders, pizza, Bojangles, a quesadilla, a gallon of diet coke, and fries. Basically if I didn’t consume a ton of veggies quickly, I was either going to combust or turn into a deep fried Healz. ImageGo to the grocery store and grab all of the veggies that look good to you (or are on sale). I always get some garlic, a large onion, a pepper, some spinach, broccoli and maybe some mushrooms or zucchini. Just slice up your veggies in the amounts that you want. I love onions so I usually use at least half of a large one, 2/3 of a pepper, a head of broccoli, and one entire zucchini.ImageIn your super large pan or wok pour some “Wok Oil” (find it in the Asian section of  your grocery store) and add 2 cloves of chopped garlic. As it heats up you can go ahead and add your onions and peppers. As they start to soften you can add your broccoli or zucchini and a couple of tablespoons of low sodium soy sauce.  Image Keep sauteeing those veggies and add your mushrooms if you have them. I probably cook all of the nutrition out of my veggies, but who cares they taste amazing. You can add crushed red pepper flakes if you like things a tad spicy and I like to add a couple tablespoons of teriyaki sauce too. Basically you want your veggies to start looking a little brown from the soy sauce and teriyaki. Toss in your spinach so it can wilt. ImageAt some point while you’re focused on your veggies, get some water boiling for your noodles. I usually use an entire pack of Udon Noodles I find in the Asian aisle. Whole Foods even has organic Udon Noodles if you’re feeling extra healthy! The key is tossing your cooked noodles into your pan of veggies so that it can absorb all of that good flavor. At this point I’ll add some more soy sauce for the noodles.ImageServe your veggie stir fry in a bowl (because everything tastes better in a bowl) with some chopsticks and you’re good to go! I’ve made many different versions of this so feel free to play around to suit your tastes. If you want some meat, frozen chicken strips are a really easy addition. It’s also a great way to use up veggies in the fridge that are about to go bad. This recipe makes a ton of food and the leftovers are amazinggggg and perfect for a healthy lunch on the go!