Handmade Dining Table

Here’s the story about how my two favorite guys hand made every.single.thing about this table.ImageWhen we found out that we were going to be moving in a week to a new, empty apartment we realized we needed to get serious about some furniture FAST. And that’s easier said than done when you’re an extremely picky design conscious commitment-phobe cheapskate. Cue A Beautiful Mess to the rescue. saw how simple it was to make your own dining table from thanks to their DIY Honeycomb Table and thankfully Steve jumped on board to make one for us! He spent the week before we moved in cutting, sanding, and staining our hexagon table top per the ABM instructions and it turned out amazinggggg. Since we didn’t have legs for it yet, it served as a our coffee table on top of some Ikea boxes for the first month we lived here.ImageImageWe considered buying some hairpin legs for the base, but decided to hold out and survive without a dining until my dad could make us some. You see, my dad is a blacksmith artist in SC and his best friend is a glass blower. They came together to make the most beautiful legs for the hexagon table top! I am SO SO SO SO happy we waited until I could get back to SC to pick them up. The glass leaves twinkle in the sunshine and tie our Target chairs in perfectly. I am in loveeeee with this table and have been caught staring at it from time to time. Our little apartment is really coming together!! Just gotta start hanging some things on the walls now…

Succulent Planter

ImageMy favorite day of the week is here…HAPPY CRAFTURDAYYYY! It’s too cold to do anything outside this time of year, so Saturdays have turned into the day where we complete fun little projects. Steve and his brother, Doug, are attempting to make beer caddies out of wood (more on that later) so we went to Home Depot to gather supplies. As I was waiting on them to check out I saw the cutesttttt succulents and had to buy one. Image Gold spray paint never does me wrong so I used it to fancy up a soup can to use as my succulent planter. I also sealed off a tree round and placed my shiny succulent on it for a sort of rustic chic inspired arrangement. I’m thinking I’ll put this on my desk at work to bring in some life and cheer me up during the long days. Now I want to make a bigger arrangement for the house. Eeeek. If you give a mouse a cookie…..

DIY Valentine’s Day: Knitted Heart Mug Cozy

ImageWhile I was home for Christmas my mom taught me how to make the cutestttt Knitted Heart Mug Cozies! For me, knitting is like riding a bike. I won’t pick up knitting needles in a year but for some reason my hands quickly remember(and if they don’t, youtube is the best). This pattern is great for beginner knitters and best of all, only takes an hour to complete. Instant craftification! All you need are two different colored skeins of yarn, knitting needles (I used size 15), and a toggle.ImageKnitted Heart Mug Cozy Pattern

  • Cast on 21 stitches in your background color
  • Row 1: knit
  • Row 2: purl 10 stitches, tie on heart color, purl 1 stitch in heart color, purl 10 in background color
  • Row 3: knit 9 in background color, knit 3 in heart color, knit 9 in background color
  • Row 4: purl 8 in background color, purl 5 in heart color, purl 8 in background color
  • Row 5: knit 7 in background color, knit 7 in heart color, knit 7 in background color
  • Row 6: purl 7 in background color, purl 7 in heart color, purl 7 in background color
  • Row 7: knit 8 in background color, knit 2 in heart color, knit 1 in background color, knit 2 in heart color, knit 8 in background color
  • Row 8: purl all 21 stitches in background color. Cut and tie off heart color
  • Cast off and fasten your toggle or button to the side. Weave in the loose ends of the yarn with a tapestry needle.

(Sorry I can’t give credit where it’s due. I’m not sure where my mom found this pattern.)

ImageYour knitted heart mug cozy will snuggle up perfectly around a Starbucks cup or a regular sized mug. The looser you knit, the bigger they will be. These are the perfect DIY Valentine’s Day gift for your friends and family. They’re SO fun and SO simple to make, but you don’t have to let your gift recipients know that. Let them bask in your craftiness and think you slaved for days knitting their heart mug cozy. ImageSpeaking of gift ideas, if you need a non DIY gift for someone special check out the Poler Napsack. It’s a sleeping bag that you can wear! Steve and I accidentally gave each other the EXACT same one for Christmas. Great minds think alike. Anywho I’m obsessed with mine and wear it around the house now that it’s subarctic temps outside. I can’t wait to use it camping in the summer! Poler Stuff is one of my favorite companies and they have so many awesome things for the outdoor lover in your life.

Let me know how your mug cozies turn out! I’ll be curled up in my napsack with mine all day today…

Ribbon Camera Strap

ImageEver since I got my DSLR camera for my birthday last April, I’ve been droolinggg over the adorable camera straps on Etsy. As cute as they are, I haven’t been able to justify spending $35 on a camera strap. I don’t know what’s taken me so long to think of it, but Friday while daydreaming at work I decided to attempt to make my own. It couldn’t be that hard, right??ImageI found lots of good tutorials online for making your own camera straps and strap covers, but I’ve never used a sewing machine before and was pretty intimidated by them. While at Michael’s this weekend I peeped at the ribbon section to see if they had any cute ones that I could possibly use in my strap quest. I grabbed a chevrony ribbon for $5 and headed home. The ribbon ended up being exactly the width of my camera strap so I decided to cut out making a strap cover and try just sewing it to my existing Canon strap. After watching a YouTube vid on Singer sewing machines, I hemmed both ends of my ribbon, aligned it with the end of my Canon strap, and sewed the length of it on both sides. ImageMy DIY ribbon camera strap is the cutest! It was super easy to do (if you know anything about sewing machines, it’ll take you half the time it did me) and cost me wayyyy less than the ones on Etsy. Not mention the fact that it matches my new Jo Totes camera bag I got for Christmas! I can’t wait to wear my new ribbon camera strap out and about. If you’re still using the strap that came with your camera, take 15 minutes and a couple dollars to sass it up. You’ll be happy you did!Image

DIY Holiday Photo Booth

ImageSoon after I started my new job I was able to jump in on the planning of our annual Holiday Party! They like to stick with the tradition of having it at a suite in the Verizon Center every year, but I immediately wanted to spice it up with a DIY Photo Booth. I don’t want to brag, but it might have been the hit of the party. Teehee. ImageTo make your own Holiday Photo Booth you basically only need wrapping paper, a camera, and festive props (a little wine couldn’t hurt either). Before the party started, I taped my peppermint wrapping paper to the wall in a little corner of our suite. One of my favorite party crafts is making a glitter banner, so of course I made one that said “Happy Holidays” for the back drop. To make the glitter banner all you need to do is write your message on poster board, cut it out, mod podge the letters, and shake some glitter on them. For props we had santa hats, reindeer antlers, elf hats, red and white glasses, a mistletoe ball, and a mini chalk board for people to write their own message. The favorite prop though seemed to be the silver tinsel garland that I got on amazon. All of the props and back drop cost less than $50 total. I’m sure you have some great things in your holiday decorations box that you could use for free!  ImageI set my camera up with an external flash on a tripod and intended for people to use a wireless remote to take their own photos. For some reason they couldn’t figure out how to press the only button for it to work so I monitored the booth the majority of the time. Which was fine by me, I got to see all of the photos happening in real life. Even our executive team couldn’t resist dressing up and posing in my DIY Photo Booth complete with kissy faces and a YOLO chalkboard. It was too much to handle in the best way possible. Immediately after the party we went home and had a huge slideshow of all of the pictures on the tv and laughedddd some more.

When celebrating with your friends and families this holiday season I hope you choose to make your own photo booth so that you can remember the most wonderful time of the year for years to come!

Mirror Makeover


My mom got this mirror on sale at TJ Maxx when I was about to move into my first apartment but let’s be honest, I haven’t had the need for hot pink decor since I was 12 and the theme of my room was Flamingo.  It’s been sitting in the garage collecting dust for 3 years now and I decided it was time for a makeover.

ImageImageI loved the shape of the mirror but thought some texture would make it a little more snazzy. I added spirals all over using puffy paint all while crossing my fingers hoping that it would turn out.ImageAfter the puffy paint was dry, I just spray painted the mirror gold. Image The puffy paint really transformed the mirror and added just the right about of texture and sass! Mirror Makeover success! I’m now dying to use my leftover puffy paint and gold spray paint to try this technique on wine bottles, empty jars etc for some cute vases!

Easy Ikat Tray

ImageI had been trying to think of a project to use my leftover paint from refurbishing my table when A Beautiful Mess came to the rescue per usual with their simple instructions on how to make your own abstract painting. I have about zero skills when it comes to painting anything other than a solid color (seriously I would lose a 4th grade art competition), but the post made it seem so easy that even I could do it!ImageI thought it would be fun to try out the method on a wooden tray that I had gotten at the thrift store a couple months ago. I painted the tray with a zillion coats of White Asparagus and stuffed my face with some pasta while it dried. Take your main color, mine was Blaze Orange, and paint a long strip in each spot where you want your Ikat inspired shape. Next paint shorter strips in descending lengths off of your main strip. ImageChoose a complimentary color and repeat the same descending length strip process as before. You will definitely want to let several overlap on the edge. Mix some white into your colors to create a lighter shade and paint essentially fat plus signs on top of the Ikat shapes you already have. Pick at least two other colors to help fill in the white space. I just started painting  plus signs in navy and then went in and painted smaller ones in a light tan. Then all you have to do is paint the edges of your tray in your main color and spray it with a sealer and voila! You just painted your very own Ikat inspired tray! Told you it was easy!ImageIf my Ikat tray turned out this well, I know yours will be ahhhmazzinggg! Such a bright, fun piece that will add some sass to any table while acting as a breakfast in bed enabler…

Refurbishing an Antique Table

ImageOne Saturday my mom and I decided to get up early and go to Columbia, SC, to check out the Soda City Market and browse some of the antique stores just for funs. I found this table with a travertine tile top hidden at the Old Mill Antique Mall for only $24! It was the best deal in the entire place and I knew I could turn its dingy, dated self into something fab.ImageAfter removing the travertine, I took the table down to my dad’s shop and sanded the table down. I sprayed it with a primer so that the paint would go on easily and evenly!ImageThe hardest part of the whole project was deciding on the paint color. I went to Lowe’s and picked up (40 oops) paint chips that I liked and thought would go well with the tile. I brought them home and had all out battle royales between different shades of blues and reds before narrowing it down to Blue Lagoon and Blaze Orange. I got sample sizes (only $2.98 each!) of each color from Lowe’s to try out. And the big winner was……Blue Lagoon!!!!ImageI painted two coats of Valspar’s Blue Lagoon on the table, paying close attention to making sure that the paint was completely even and smooth. I also decided to paint the legs of the table White Asparagus which so happens to be the exact shade of the travertine tile. Two coats of semi gloss polyurethane were just what the doctor ordered to complete this project!ImageImageAll together this table cost less than $35 dollars, and it looks good enough to put in my imaginary summer house in The Hamptons!

Anthropologie Knob Necklace Holder

ImageAs my collection of sassy necklaces has grown thanks to Target summer sales, I’ve been dyyyinggg to make a necklace holder using knobs from Anthropologie to display them. I found the perfect knobs last month at the Greenville, SC, Anthro on sale of course (You can read more about my love affair with them here) and was super excited to make my necklace holder. The only problem was that I didn’t have a super cool old board to mount them on, and I didn’t know where I was going to find one. My mom found out about a place called Peach Festival Gardens in Gilbert, SC, where they have tons of old windows, doors, signs, and other funky finds. I ended up finding my board half covered in sand, hiding behind a tent they have set up to protect the prized goods. The guy laughed when I wanted to buy it and let me have it and an old wooden tray for $5. Cha Chinggg! Who’s laughin now!?!ImageMy piece of sandy wood cleaned up very well and my best guess is that it’s a rectangular panel from an old door. Thank g my dad is a blacksmith artist, has all the tools in the world, and was able to drill 6 holes for me.ImageI wanted to do something to the wood so it didn’t look like I had a dusty old board hanging on my wall, but at the same time wanted to maintain the integrity of it. I painted on two coats of polyurethane semi-gloss and it turned out perfectly!Image After it dried I simply screwed my knobs in and put little hangers on the back of it. Well maybe I couldn’t wait until it dried…eeeek instant gratification plzzz!ImageImageImageAll of my necklace holder dreams came true! I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. My bejewels are on display instead of hanging out in a pile on my dresser and the final product looks really polished. If you have a big bathroom it would be fun to hang your necklace holder in there and use the middle hook as hand towel holder. Until I move on up in the world, mine’s going to be hanging pretty on my bedroom wall.

I think it’s only fair that I get a new necklace for a job well done, right!?

5 Minute Glitter Cards

ImageI absolutely LOVE cards. As nice as it is that we can communicate with each other in an instant, it’s even better when someone takes the time to send you a note in the mail. My etsy favorite’s list is basically entirely filled with sassy, adorable, and sweet lil cards. Sometimes I don’t want to pay $6 for a card, then wait a week for it to ship to me, and lawd knows Hallmark doesn’t have what I want, so I end up making cards myself. Today I looked in my craft bin and saw that I had tons of card stock and glitter and decided to try and make some sparkly fun cards! The only supplies you need are colored card stock, glitter, rubber cement, and scissors.

ImageFirst you need to cut your cards out of your card stock. I have an old card that I like the size of that I usually just trace. If you’re feeling sassy you can use decorative scissors to edge your card or even make a liner in a different color.

ImageNow you just need to paint your rubber cement on the card in the shapes you want your glitter to be! It’s hard to get very detailed with the gloopy rubber cement so triangles, circles, and stripes work well.ImageJust pour your glitter onto the glue and shake the excess off. I made my cards outside on the deck to avoid too much glitter clean up.ImageIt’s so easy and quick to make just one card, that you should probably make a few more while you’re at it.ImageLook how cute! In only 5 minutes you’ll be able to send some sparkle to someone you care about!