5 Minute Glitter Cards

ImageI absolutely LOVE cards. As nice as it is that we can communicate with each other in an instant, it’s even better when someone takes the time to send you a note in the mail. My etsy favorite’s list is basically entirely filled with sassy, adorable, and sweet lil cards. Sometimes I don’t want to pay $6 for a card, then wait a week for it to ship to me, and lawd knows Hallmark doesn’t have what I want, so I end up making cards myself. Today I looked in my craft bin and saw that I had tons of card stock and glitter and decided to try and make some sparkly fun cards! The only supplies you need are colored card stock, glitter, rubber cement, and scissors.

ImageFirst you need to cut your cards out of your card stock. I have an old card that I like the size of that I usually just trace. If you’re feeling sassy you can use decorative scissors to edge your card or even make a liner in a different color.

ImageNow you just need to paint your rubber cement on the card in the shapes you want your glitter to be! It’s hard to get very detailed with the gloopy rubber cement so triangles, circles, and stripes work well.ImageJust pour your glitter onto the glue and shake the excess off. I made my cards outside on the deck to avoid too much glitter clean up.ImageIt’s so easy and quick to make just one card, that you should probably make a few more while you’re at it.ImageLook how cute! In only 5 minutes you’ll be able to send some sparkle to someone you care about!