DIY Valentine’s Day: Knitted Heart Mug Cozy

ImageWhile I was home for Christmas my mom taught me how to make the cutestttt Knitted Heart Mug Cozies! For me, knitting is like riding a bike. I won’t pick up knitting needles in a year but for some reason my hands quickly remember(and if they don’t, youtube is the best). This pattern is great for beginner knitters and best of all, only takes an hour to complete. Instant craftification! All you need are two different colored skeins of yarn, knitting needles (I used size 15), and a toggle.ImageKnitted Heart Mug Cozy Pattern

  • Cast on 21 stitches in your background color
  • Row 1: knit
  • Row 2: purl 10 stitches, tie on heart color, purl 1 stitch in heart color, purl 10 in background color
  • Row 3: knit 9 in background color, knit 3 in heart color, knit 9 in background color
  • Row 4: purl 8 in background color, purl 5 in heart color, purl 8 in background color
  • Row 5: knit 7 in background color, knit 7 in heart color, knit 7 in background color
  • Row 6: purl 7 in background color, purl 7 in heart color, purl 7 in background color
  • Row 7: knit 8 in background color, knit 2 in heart color, knit 1 in background color, knit 2 in heart color, knit 8 in background color
  • Row 8: purl all 21 stitches in background color. Cut and tie off heart color
  • Cast off and fasten your toggle or button to the side. Weave in the loose ends of the yarn with a tapestry needle.

(Sorry I can’t give credit where it’s due. I’m not sure where my mom found this pattern.)

ImageYour knitted heart mug cozy will snuggle up perfectly around a Starbucks cup or a regular sized mug. The looser you knit, the bigger they will be. These are the perfect DIY Valentine’s Day gift for your friends and family. They’re SO fun and SO simple to make, but you don’t have to let your gift recipients know that. Let them bask in your craftiness and think you slaved for days knitting their heart mug cozy. ImageSpeaking of gift ideas, if you need a non DIY gift for someone special check out the Poler Napsack. It’s a sleeping bag that you can wear! Steve and I accidentally gave each other the EXACT same one for Christmas. Great minds think alike. Anywho I’m obsessed with mine and wear it around the house now that it’s subarctic temps outside. I can’t wait to use it camping in the summer! Poler Stuff is one of my favorite companies and they have so many awesome things for the outdoor lover in your life.

Let me know how your mug cozies turn out! I’ll be curled up in my napsack with mine all day today…

Saturday in Georgetown

ImageOne Saturday Steve and I walked from his brother’s house in Clarendon all the way to Georgetown. It took longer than expected to reach our destination, but we came across an explosion of yarn bombs as we were walking through Rosslyn, VA!ImageAt least half a dozen trees were COVERED in yarn. It was so bright and cheery!ImageEven the street lights were yarn bombed! I can’t imagine how many people came together to create all of it. I mean I’ve been knitting the same pair of socks since 2010.ImageWe eventually made it to Georgetown and shopped in all of the humongous and beautiful stores! Aside from the three story Anthro, my favorite store was Paper Source. They had the prettiiieeessstttt paper goods and all sorts of cute ways to keep your life organized. There were TONS of people everywhere and I had to lol at the line wrapped around the building for Georgetown Cupcakes. Seriously people, why wait in line outside in the rain for an hour for a cupcake!?!? Smh. ImageWe rested our Kim K feet (achey and swollen like 7 mo preggers Kim Kardashian in 5 inch heels) down by the water and took some glamor shots.ImageWe had a cheeseburger snack (I’m telling you, we walked A LOT) at Good Stuff Eatery, Chef Spike from Top Chef’s awesome burger/fry/shake joint. It was delicious and just the fuel we needed to make the trek back to Clarendon. Let’s just pretend we didn’t have pasta in vodka sauce immediately when we got home…