To Be Continued: Craft Station


Steve and I decided to go thrifting this weekend and explore some stores we haven’t been to before. The shop didn’t look promising from the outside, but ooo baby were there some gems once we got inside. I saw this vintage Sears Sewing Machine Table and it was screaming “Make me into your craft station pleaseeeeeee!!!!!!” After I double checked that the price tag actually said $29, the table was mine! The wood is in great condition and the top folds out so I can spread out when I need to. It also has the cutest little drawers, including one that is for spools of thread. I can’t wait to line them with fun paper and organize all of my paints, glitter, and supplies. Right now I’m thinking I’m going to try to refinish it and stain it a darker color. I’ve never tried to restore wood before to it’s original glory and I’m nervous! I guess worse comes to worst I can always paint it like I did my other favorite antique table a few months ago.

Does anyone have any tips on staining a piece of furniture?!? Or color/stain suggestions?!?